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Let’s dwell on the positive

The continuous griping that seems to make up our lives sometimes overwhelms the positive things in life.

Everything and everyone seems angry these days. Radio and TV personalities spend each day complaining to their listeners. Commercials are mean-spirited.  Television shows are cruel and unfunny, or built upon humiliation or the gore of crime.

I wonder how much we tend to forget the good things.

For example, I love living in a “small” town. When I visit the stores, offices, and local library in my area, I feel welcomed by the friendly faces around me.

For years, the same ladies have taken my utility payments or answered my questions when I’ve visited city and county offices.  They take the time to be helpful whether in person or over the phone.

I love the fact that our small towns abound with churches. We have the freedom to worship as we see fit and we have plenty of churches around to prove it. Drive through the main streets of towns and you may hear the chiming of church bells or a carillon playing hymns.  I appreciate the fact that our local school district allows start-up churches to meet in its halls.

I love to interact with the ladies at my local library.

Most smile and chat with my daughter and me. I’ve seen them be helpful and patient with those who come to the front desk and ask questions. The library has also been supportive of my daughter’s Brownie troop and other Girl Scout troops.  I like that community response.

I once stood sighing in front of the paperback racks at the library. The librarian returning books to the stacks came over and with a few questions, recommended four or five authors I had never read and opened a new arena of fiction to me.

Each time I saw the Playscape playground at the former library, I appreciated the fact that volunteers took their time and energy to build the playground for the community.  I found it a peaceful place, perhaps because it was built with love and appreciation.

I enjoy the parks in the metroplex. I haven’t gotten to all of them, but I have visited a number of them on pleasant, sunny days. I’m grateful to the cities that maintain these parks for their residents; particularly those that provide playground equipment and safe play areas for families.

I appreciate the fire, emergency, and police personnel in our local towns. A firefighter once took his time – in full smoke-eating regalia – to visit my daughter’s class and explain safety to the kids. I was lucky enough to have a policeman stop during a drive by one day and talk to my toddler, explain that he was there to protect citizens and that she shouldn’t be afraid of police officers. My local police officers have responded to my concerns with great seriousness and gentleness, even the day I accidentally set off our house alarm and couldn’t shut it off.

Now my small town is in a battle with a bog-box superstore, and those opposing it’s proposed location (not the store itself, just its location) have bonded together and I’ve made even more local friends.  Our city leaders are talking to citizens and listening.

We sometimes forget that those we see every day or every month need positive feedback when a job is well done. I just want to say thank you for all you do.

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The Joy of Peace and Calming (or)

How the Three Bear family got one night of rest

My family of the three bears (Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Miss Crankypants Teen Bear) live fairly stressful lives. With the stress of our economy and lifestyle —  job requirements, keeping a home business healthy, teen dating, extended family demands that keep us sleepless at night, and two demanding cublets (puppies) — a full night’s sleep is a rare commodity in our household.

So the other night I hung out with some friends who, like me, use Essential Oils, and I found out that Peace and Calming oil can be used on pets. I’ve been a big believer in aromatherapy for the past twenty years, and just recently started using essential oils.  I announced, upon returning home, that I was going to experiment that night … to the derision of Papa Bear, who said aromatherapy wouldn’t work on animals.

About 11:30 p.m., Papa Bear wakes up from his brief nap to find out that Teen Bear has not returned home from her date. I am sitting up, waiting for her. Like all grizzlies woken from their naps, Papa Bear starts roaring and fumbling for his cell phone.


When Teen Bear strolls in the door, he roars some more. Teen Bear starts growling, too, but ends up crying, and we are now on the rollercoaster of emotional distress! Meanwhile, the ever energetic Chihuahua climbs into my lap and lies there shaking, while the room swirls with emotion.

After things calm down and tissue boxes are produced and used, I announce that everyone is getting dosed with a drop of Peace and Calming, and some with possibly two or three drops! I put a drop on my finger and rub paw pads of the ever energetic Chihuahua and the yapping Miss Muppet, who is not yapping now, but hiding from all the emotion. The teen immediately sticks her feet in my lap for her dose, but the tired, drooping Grizzly Bear shrugs me off. I get my Frankincense oil and tell the teen I’m going to rub it on the back of her neck and after an initial protest, she pulls up her hair. Grizzly Bear shrugs me off again, but I manage to run my fingers across the back of his neck, too. He says he doesn’t like the smell of the oil but the teen – wonder of wonders! – says she does.

Meanwhile the ever energetic Chihuahua – about five minutes had passed since I rubbed her paw – gives two big yawns and makes three turns to curl up and sleep. Miss Muppet is sleepy, too, and when placed into her kennel, never makes a whimper or yap the rest of the night.

I didn’t dose my feet but cupped my hand over my nose and inhaled the aroma.  I  got about 6 hours of sleep as compared to the 2 or 3 I was getting from previous nights. Papa Bear let Miss Muppet out of her kennel about 5:30 a.m. and commented how she had never barked at all (she usually starts yapping about 3:30 or 4 and I have to get up and scold her or give up and stay up the rest of the morning).

The ever energetic Chihuahua did not get up until 6:30 a.m. She normally starts whimpering or scratching on our door about 4 a.m.

The teen bear … meh. She doesn’t know if she slept well or not. The fact that she doesn’t remember tossing and turning through the night bodes well, though. Now to find that bottle of Joy and slip it into her foot massage routine…

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